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    Spring Team Rosters

    Thank you to everyone who came out to the evaluation skates.  We are looking forward to a fun spring season!

    Please see below for the rosters.  An asterisk (*) indicates a player has been double rostered.

    The calendar will be updated soon to reflect practice times for this Sunday.

    Team Green

    First Name Last Name
    Frank Cambria
    Patrick Czarnik
    Dennis Davoren
    Damien Deboer
    Griffin Delfosse
    Michael Fattore
    Nicholas Ferrari
    Aidan Harrington
    Ryan Heneghan
    Quinn Hester
    William Kadlec
    Kyle Keane
    Robert Kubon Jr
    Nicholas Lemke
    Matthew Miscevich
    John (Jack) Mitchell
    Daniel Mulac
    Nicholas Polanco
    James Slechter

    Team Blue

    First Name Last Name
    Connor Corlett *
    John Durkin *
    Dejan Fager *
    Alexander Fernandez
    Dylan Gonzalez *
    Brendan Harrington
    Caden Hickey
    Ryan Hillmann
    Phillip Lapalermo *
    Dylan Lazzara *
    Patrick Lemke *
    Leo Mellado *
    Nicholas Messina *
    Zach Miller
    John Muehlfelder
    Henry Prater
    Ryan Stanek
    Anthony Torres
    Ethan Zajac

    * Double rostered to Team Green

    Team White

    First Name Last Name
    Nicholas Bagley *
    Marcus Davis Wooten
    James Degand *
    Joshua Harris *
    Jake Maksud
    Madden Mientus *
    Flynn Montgomery
    Finnegan Murnane *
    Flynn Oflaherty
    Michael Omalley
    Matthew Opyd *
    Cristiano Provenzano
    Samuel Schrementi
    Maximilian Smitka *
    Edward Stachura
    Cole Stanek
    Peter Steinke
    Joseph Weber
    John (Jax) Xanos

    * Double rostered to Team Blue

    NDCP Hockey Raffle Results!

    Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets for the raffle and thank you to all the Ice Dons and their families for working so hard to sell the tickets!


    Congratulations to the top ticket sellers!


    1st Place Seller - Owen Weber

    2nd Place Seller - Emmett Dziedzic

    3rd Place Sellers (it was a tie) - Caden Hickey & Finnegan Murnane


    A bigger congratulations to our prize winners!

    $1,500 - R. Fattore (ticket #00147)

    $2,500 - Sandy Lamb (ticket #00295)

    Grand Prize - A week stay in Winter Park Colorado - Barb Lemke (ticket #00388)



    NDCP Hockey will be reaching out to the prize winners.


    Top Sellers

    Raffle Winners!

    Tyler Ortega gets a fresh start at NDCP Hockey

    Tyler Ortega Gets a Fresh Start at Notre Dame College Prep

    Click the link to read the full story.

    We Want To Be Your Friend On Facebook

    Due to some backend technical issues we needed to start a new Facebook page for NDCP Hockey. Please find us and send us a friend request!